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Exo-AP PCR Clean-Up Mix

+ Description

MG Exo-AP PCR CleanUp Mix is designed for simple and quick PCR cleanup for downstream applications, such as DNA sequencing or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analysis. When PCR amplification is complete, any unconsumed dNTPs and primers remaining in the PCR product mixture will interfere with these downstream applications. Exo-AP PCR Clean-Up Mix removes these contaminants enzymatically in a very simple manner.

+ Benefits of Exo-AP Clean-UP Mix

  • 1-Step Purification : 37℃ incubation after adding Enzyme Mix
  • 100% Recovery : No loss of PCR product
  • Broad spectrum : below 100bp and above 10kb can be purified
  • No limitation for Scale-UP
  • PCR mix Product which has DNA loading dye can be used